Transfer your Character data from your Steam Deck

The ESO-Database Steam Deck Client cares about the AddOn and client updates and automatically uploads your Character data of your game sessions.

ESO-Database Client on the Steam Deck


Here you can learn how to install the ESO-Database client on your Steam deck.

01 Switch to Desktop Mode
The ESO-Database Steam Deck client is installed using the desktop mode of your Steam Deck.

To switch to desktop mode, please follow the steps below:
When your Steam Deck is up, press the Steam button. In the menu select Power, in the next menu select Switch to Desktop. Your Steam Deck will now boot into desktop mode.
02 Download the Installer
In desktop mode, please open the browser and save the following link by right-clicking it and choosing "Save Target As". As save location, choose the Desktop of your Steam Deck.

03 Start the installation
On your desktop, double-click the shortcut "Install ESO-Database Client" link to start the installation. During the installation process, a browser window will open where you will need to log in with your ESO-Database account.
04 Ready!
After the installation script is finished, the ESO-Database client is ready for use. You can now switch back to gaming mode or simply restart your Steam deck.


Experienced users can download the ESO-Database Client installer for the Steam deck here.

Save the link stored at the button with a right click and the menu item "Save Link as..." to your Steam Deck desktop, and execute the Installer in desktop mode.


This section answers frequently asked questions related to the ESO-Database Steam Deck Client.

01 Do I have to start ESO from desktop mode?
No! The client runs in the background, and it is not necessary to boot the Steam deck into desktop mode before each start of ESO.
02 Does the client update automatically in the background?
Yes, the client updates automatically in the background from time to time.
03 Is the exported data automatically transferred in the background?
Yes, the data is transferred automatically in the background.
04 Where can I find more information about the ESO-Database Steam Deck client?
More information is available on the GitHub page of the project. The link to the GitHub page can be found below this page.